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Securing access to GIDEON

This GIDEON website is now available at and the GIDEON app at

In a post-Snowden world, large internet companies, especially Google, have been pushing to encrypt all website connections via SSL. For the end user the change is slight, as for SSL protected websites the URL switches from http:// to https://. The green lock icon signifies that all traffic between the browser and the server is encrypted and is much harder to snoop on.

We’ve had requests to provide secure access to the GIDEON web application as far back as 2010 from a government customer. By offering SSL access to both our website and web application we hope to provide additional peace of mind when using GIDEON.


New GIDEON eBooks and release of 2017 Edition

Promo: Use the discount code 2017 on our website for a 20% discount for 5 or more and 30% discount for 10 or more ebooks.

Three new titles have been added to the 2017 edition of GIDEON ebooks.

These are the most comprehensive sources on Infectious Diseases outbreaks / Cross border infections / Surveys in the world.

The 2017 edition of GIDEON ebooks has expanded all content, graphs, maps and references based on extensive updates in the GIDEON web application, including new tables for outbreaks and surveys.

A few of the iconic ebooks in this series:

  • Infectious Diseases of the World – provides a review of every human infectious disease in the world, including disease distribution maps.
  • Global status of [any infectious disease] – the perfect reference source for Clinicians and Epidemiologists.
  • E-books which provide detailed and up-to-date information on every anti-infective drug and vaccine – key references for every health-care worker.
  • A complete encyclopedia of all human bacteria and yeasts – a must for any laboratory or health-care student.

Available for purchase through:

Public Health enhancement: Outbreak and Survey tables

Outbreak / Survey tables are new additions to GIDEON. The innovative design allows users to quickly scan and compare outbreaks / surveys according to year, setting, number of cases / deaths, affected population and other parameters. This is the cumulative result of a huge effort to convert over 20,000 outbreaks and 50,000 surveys in GIDEON from text format to a database. Cross border events have also undergone this transformation in Worldwide notes.

GIDEON is the first publication which gathers all infectious disease outbreaks and surveys into a single site – from ancient plagues to last week’s Zika statistics. Now these are much easier to read and analyze.

This is an excellent resource for experts and students in public health:

  • Sorting option allows for meaningful analysis
  • Ideal tool for studying the history of medicine, trends in disease evolution, diseases of all individual countries.
  • The tables can help prepare lecture handouts
  • Updated every few days and constantly evolving.

Sort the outbreaks / surveys by clicking on the top column heading. Additional notes and linked references are displayed where available once you click “Show notes” for all the rows, or click on the year to see the notes for a specific row.


In the following example, data are displayed alphabetically by outbreak setting or region.
Outbreak tables



For several years, Gideon has listed two seemingly separate “diseases” among its many files:   “AIDS”   and    “HIV infection – initial illness”   The latter was added to allow for inclusion of acute infection in the Diagnosis module.  A discussion of epidemiology, therapy, etc in other modules has been maintained only under the heading “AIDS”   One problem with this terminology was related to outbreaks of HIV infection (ie, associated with use of contaminated needles).  These were listed in GIDEON as “outbreaks of AIDS” – but were, in fact, outbreaks of HIV infection.  To solve this semantic difficulty, we have changed the designation “AIDS” to “HIV/AIDS”

2016 Edition of GIDEON eBooks

Since initial publication in 2010, the popularity of GIDEON ebooks has continued to grow. A WorldCat search demonstrates how many libraries across the globe now purchase the series for reference .

The 2016 edition has expanded all content, graphs, maps and references based on extensive updates in the GIDEON web application. This latest edition has the largest content of all prior editions:

  • 423 ebooks
  • 121,603 total pages
  • 34,726 images and graphs
  • 684,799 references
  • 2 GB in total file size

Every library in the world should carry at least two of our volumes:

  • The largest ebook (over 1,500 pages), Infectious Diseases of the World – provides a summary of every human infectious disease in the world including disease distribution maps.
  • Infectious Diseases of [your own country] – provides unique extensive background on every infectious disease relevant to that country.

Other valuable references include:

  • Global status of [every infectious disease] – the perfect reference source for every Public Health Department or researcher.
  • Detailed and up-to-date information on every anti-infective drug and vaccine – important references for every pharmacy.
  • A complete encyclopedia on all human bacteria and yeasts – a must for any laboratory or health-care student.

Available for purchase through:

Webinar replay and GIDEON demo

Dr Steve Berger presents a background on Infectious Diseases and using GIDEON as a decision support tool during a webinar earlier today.

2015 series of GIDEON ebooks includes images

The 2015 GIDEON ebook series has been released with 423 ebooks.

New since 2014 edition:

Titles include:

Country series (231 volumes)
Disease series (188 volumes)
GIDEON Guide to Antimicrobial Agents
GIDEON Guide to Vaccines
GIDEON Guide to Medically Important Bacteria
GIDEON Guide to Medically Important Yeasts

Available at GIDEON ebooks and ebook distributors EBSCO, Overdrive, ebrary and Google Play.

2014 series of GIDEON eBooks

The 2014 GIDEON ebook series has been released.

This edition incorporates all content added since publication of the last series. Country-series eBooks now include the vaccination schedules for every reporting country as an extra chapter.
Additionally, four new volumes have been added to the series.

Titles now include:

Country series (231 volumes)
Disease series (188 volumes)
GIDEON Guide to Antimicrobial Agents
GIDEON Guide to Vaccines
GIDEON Guide to Medically Important Bacteria
GIDEON Guide to Medically Important Yeasts

The four newer titles incorporate content from GIDEON’s Drugs, Vaccines, Bacteria, Mycobacteria and Yeasts modules. These and all other eBooks in the series are updated annually

These ebooks are available on the GIDEON eBooks website as well as through distributors such as EBSCO and Ingram.

Microbiology References and Vaccination schedules

Over the past couple of months, we have rolled out a number of product updates to the GIDEON web app.

Microbiology References
References have been added to the improved notes and ecology sections for most organisms in the Microbiology sub-modules of Bacteria, Mycobacteria and Yeasts.

Vaccine Schedules
Vaccine schedules for each country have typically appeared in a number of notes in the Diseases module. These vaccine schedules have now been added to the Travel section, so it’s very easy to scroll through countries and compare their vaccination schedules.

For example see the initial travel note for Australia:
Australia vaccination schedule

With easy access to the vaccine abbreviations:

Vaccine abbreviations

User Interface Refresh

Over the years GIDEON has added new features and now we’re making changes to improve access and simplify the interface.

We are rolling out a refresh of the GIDEON web app user interface that focuses on simplification.

These changes include:

GIDEON search for tick
Improved search

  • Type down: Search terms appear as you type.
  • Suggestions: Subjects related to the items you’re typing appear to easily reach the content you want.
  • Unified search and diagnosis: Specify if you’re looking for a diagnosis by choosing a sign or symptom from the Clinical Presentation list.



Enhanced User Interface

  • Select diseasesScreen size utilization: Content is centered and resized to take advantage of larger screen real estate.
  • Easier to select Diseases, Drugs or  Vaccines to compare.
  • Switched maps from Flash to HTML 5: HTML 5 browsers are more ubiquitous than flash plugin, and maps will now work on iPhones and iPads.
  • Improving interaction on mobile devices: lists have been optimized to work better on mobile devices. These are steps we’re taking to make GIDEON work easily wherever you are.
  • Reduced popups: screen popups have been replaced with CSS popups which allow a one window experience on tablets.




Removed rarely used functions

  • Infectious Diseases and Microbiology focus: Toxicology module removed since beta demonstrated little usage of the content.
  • Travel streamlined: Travel in Infectious Diseases is focused on GIDEON content removing content available directly on CDC website.


We would love to receive feedback on these changes.